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Forum Lifestyle General Porsche has been in Top in online Car Sales
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15 November, 2019 18:43
Join : 19-09-2019 18:07
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Porsche has been in Top in online Car Sales

The German brand launches online sales service for its cars in the United States. Buying a car “in one click”, of course, should appeal to customers, since most paper routines transferred to the Internet.

In the USA, 25 of 191 Porsche dealers immediately got the opportunity to offer their customers to make a purchase through the online sales service. While this project is working in pilot mode. It allows you to buy a car and arrange all the necessary documents online, without leaving your home. The client will only have to visit the salon in order to pick up the car. Take advantage of the innovation will be those customers of the brand who want to buy a new or used Porsche from the dealer’s warehouse.

 The company itself noted that with the new algorithm, the lion's share of all the paper work that DC managers usually do has moved to the Internet - from calculating the payment to receiving "insurance." The buyer will need to visit the dealer to sign the documents and pick up the purchased Porsche.

 It is possible that over time the client will not have to appear at the dealer at all: the car will be delivered to his house. In the meantime, the company is going to evaluate the proposed online tool in order to use it more effectively in the future. If this project will be popular among buyers, then Porsche will implement it in other showrooms of its dealers in America.

Lamborghini was able to create new material for electric batteries

The first results of the collaboration of the Italian brand with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were reported by the Lamborghini press service. The new material will create supercapacitors with a capacity twice as high.

 Manufacturers of supercars came up against one problem when creating powerful electric cars - this is battery technology. Modern technologies are not suitable for mass production due to the low power output. The only way out is to use supercapacitors.

 Lamborghini previously announced a partnership with MIT, and the first results are ready. Scientists were able to synthesize the first samples of a new material based on the concept of metal-organic frame structures. This will double the capacity of supercapacitors already used in Lamborghini hybrid systems. Although there are no reports of practical tests yet.

 In addition to creating new material for car batteries, Lamborghini and MIT-Italy are working on another project. Its goal is the creation of fundamentally new forms and principles of the layout of batteries. As a result, systems should appear that allow the introduction of electric batteries into the vehicle’s power structure.

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