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31 October, 2019 10:40
Join : 31-10-2019 10:31
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Krygen XL Boxer in Indonesian is a boxer. Boxer fracture is a fracture or fracture in the metacarpal area of ​​the hand, especially in the pinkie and ring fingers. Some doctors use the term " brawler fracture " ( brawler meaning fighter) and not " boxer fracture " because a boxer is not likely to experience this injury. Poorly trained fighters must learn how to punch without hurting themselves.The metacarpal bone in the hand connects the bones in the fingers to the bones in the wrist. There are five metacarpal bones, one to connect each finger to the wrist. All metacarpal bones have the same anatomic structure. Each consists of a base, shaft, neck and head.The base of the metacarpal bone is the part that attaches to the wrist bone Shaft is a long, slender boneThe neck is the part of bone that connects the shaft to the head. The head of the metacarpal bone connects the metacarpal bone to the finger boneThe head of the metacarpal bone forms a closed knuckle of the hand.

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