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Forum Lifestyle General This is an old and old
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01 August, 2019 08:48
Join : 19-07-2018 10:11
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This is an old and old

This is an old and old village. People are used to the sunrise and the traditional farming practices of sunsets. A few years ago, with its meager income to support the family's life, the village heart street was a rural dirt road, now paved with smooth and smooth asphalt. The villages and villages are connected to each other, and the people who travel have become convenient and quick. Women and children are even more happy -------- can be worn clean and beautiful, it seems that the city is clean and leisurely. Comfortable feeling. However, due to the reasons for the transformation, the thick and lush white poplars on both sides of the road have disappeared from the past and become a bunch of young saplings. When I went home, it seemed that on the way to the township, there was always a feeling of familiarity and strangeness. When the summer is over, the dense and dense trees surround the orchard tightly. The fragrance of the jujube flowers floats in the wind and sighs; the cuckoo's clear and melodious voice sings the flower buds that are waiting to be released; the spring flows nourish this fertile soil. There is a shallow well in the north of the village, and there is a bent old willow tree next to it. Although the well has dried up, the branches and leaves of the tree are still green and lush. Three o'clock in the afternoon is the hottest time of the summer. I don't know if the age is old, or why I sleep less. I will always see three or five people sitting around here, playing cards and chatting, and sometimes young people will get involved, but more young people still like to be at the store. On the front stone table, while fighting the landlord; while drinking beer; while squatting. A cool breeze blew, making people feel relaxed and happy. But there are also a few quiet people who are lying in a shady home to enjoy the dream. Autumn is here, the fruit of the fruit: red. White. Purple--------- fell into a branch, crushed the scaffolding. It is full of sugar, sweet like honey. Attracting a batch of merchants who come to order. As the market continues to look good, agricultural products have extremely good sales channels, and people's days will be richer. Ever since, rich people started to buy a house. Buying a car is also like surfing the Internet with K song Wholesale Cigarettes... It��s called fashion. Even more women are dressing up more glamorous, this very dark face, always coated with layers of powder cream, looks like a masked dummy, dancing catwalk It seems so stiff and stiff. Sometimes, I can��t believe my eyes come here. There are a lot of people who buy land. They come from different places, speak different dialects, drive different cars, and look very wide. We worked hard together and met very politely. Most of them built a small room in their garden. Although there is no electricity, only the soft light of the candle, but the quiet and harmonious pastoral life makes them double. I feel very happy and happy. There is no contempt and ridicule here. Only friendship and unity are coming. Everything has become so depressed. The galloping car throws the falling leaves vigorously on both sides. The whistling wind is mixed with pieces of snow falling on my face. On, the heart is extremely sad. Looking up to the bustling roads of the past, it has now been completely occupied by silence and indifference. It seems that people here have evaporated. I muttered to ��Is it cold or unwilling to come out, or...�� Oh, it seems to understand, no wonder a few days ago, it��s like a New Year; killing pigs Slaughter cattle. Slaughtering sheep, there are people who are shooting, big bags and small bags. They turned into the city and returned to their own home. This may be what people often say "enjoy"! I am a person who likes to be lively Cigarettes For Sale. Although there is no culture, it is also very fashionable. Of course, I was even more reluctant to be lonely and lonely in front of me, so I also tried to enter the city and come to a friend's house in the city. This is a three-bedroom, two-bedroom house, which is well decorated. Although the home is not gorgeous, the overall elegance and warmth always makes people find a little noble in the extraordinary temperament. He has a junior high school child who is very good at learning and very polite. His smile seemed to confirm my existence and the taut nerves relaxed. I enjoyed the most sumptuous dinner this evening, and I had enough alcohol to help me apply for the QQ number. Since then, I have also had my nickname and space in the virtual world of the Internet. I seem to have entered the ethereal and dreamy era, swimming infinitely. Sanjiu weather, the temperature is very low, because there is no heavy snow, so it is particularly dry and cold, and at this time the heating of the building is like the summer, so boring that people can not see through, only open the window to adapt to such an environment. The comfortable and soft Simmons took me into a sweet dream. I don��t know when, a happy Yu opera board with a wonderful light music melody wakes me up, is it a dream or a reality? Through the window, I leaned over and looked at the bright streetlights. I saw a gym on the lawn not far from the distance. There were many people gathered there, men, women and children, where the voice came from, they were I practiced in different ways, I was very curious, I felt that their dancing posture was very beautiful, so they came to them and learned to practice. Suddenly, an old man who had spent a year in the armor asked me, "Young man, just come here?" "Well," I nodded to her with a smile, I think it might be that my movements are too rusty. He is very vocal in his speech, looks very full, and his brilliant face can only be found in the young people in the countryside. "Do you feel tired like this every day?" I asked him inexplicably. "It��s good to get used to it. Life is exercise. Good life is rich because of the existence of health." He replied heartily. Yes, health is the most precious asset of a lifetime; but wealth can't buy the health of a lifetime. I understand the truth. The greed of people begins with pleasure, and diligence can bring happiness. So, when I returned to the country, I started my first experience in life. On this day, I got up very early, and a bright moon hangs in the sky quietly, and the stars are dotted with the vast universe. The quiet village is very lonely, the rooster has started his cicada

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