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Forum Lifestyle General Social Media Marketing Tricks that are out of Date
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22 November, 2019 17:19
Join : 19-09-2019 18:07
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Social Media Marketing Tricks that are out of Date

While you think that you are keeping up with SMM trends, they are once again changing, and you do not even have time to keep track of this. It’s like with fashion in clothes, every day a couturier appears who exclaims “bingo”, and the world of advancement ceases to be the same.

Is there a truth here that brand promotion is not possible without high-quality SMM?

Forget about the date calendar


If once something has become fashionable, it does not mean at all that you need to remember this forever! You don’t wear things that were at their peak in the 90s? So why then do many people think that the calendar of dates rules the world. Remember, advertising on social networks doesn’t work on old yeast! Balloon day, rabbit day, Christmas tree day. Well, are you seriously planning to go out on this in the modern world? So SMM promotion does not work! Using the calendar of dates, you not only confirm that your content manager has no imagination, but also cause a negative surge in your business.


Do not ask stupid questions

If you think that your subscribers will be eaten by everything that you throw into the network, then it’s better to forget immediately that promotion in social networks will bring you positive results. People also have google, good movies and books on the shelf. The activity you are trying to create for the sake of activity is your first enemy on the battlefield for working content. You just spend yours. And someone else’s time.

Massfollowing will kill your account


A hundred years ago, Instagram indicated that such a way to promote your account is contrary to its policy. And, if you did not understand this the first time, then catch a ban as a gift. We warned. And then, if you, taking up brand promotion, don’t know such elementary substances, either contact the SMM-production, where people understand what to do with it, or throw this bad job on the threshold, because no one trusts mass-following, mass-sharing and even more so auto-links to direct.


No need to post for posting


The publication, which everyone tried to throw out, as before, 2-3 per day is an outdated method. It’s better to make a high-quality post with a visual that everyone will remember than bother people with a package of slurred quality images several times a day.


You can talk about how to promote the brand and what is needed to ensure that all of this works correctly, forever, the main thing is to follow the current methods, do not be afraid to create content that is not like the others, and you will succeed

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