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Ultra Keto Fuel It decreases in most people with age. LFG can be calculated from the amount of waste products in urine 24 hours or by using special dyes that are given intravenously. The LFG estimate (eLFG) can be calculated from a patient's routine blood test, but it is not accurate in patients younger than 18 years, pregnant patients, and those who are very muscular or very obese. Patients were divided into five stages of chronic kidney disease based on their LFG.Creatinine and urea (BUN) in the blood : Blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine are the most commonly used blood tests to screen for and monitor kidney disease. Creatinine is a product of normal muscle damage. Urea is a waste product from protein breakdown. Levels of this substance increase in the blood along with deteriorating kidney function.GFR estimate (eGFR):

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