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A Good Fitness Tracker should Have these Features


Activity trackers count the number of calories you’ve worked out in various ways. One of the most accurate methods is just the determination of heart rate, since in this case the device takes into account your physical activity tracker. In some models, this indicator is determined taking into account the result of the equation, which is built taking into account the distance traveled in steps and the number of flights of stairs. You can also enter your weight and / or age to specify the data.17


Many devices with an accelerometer also allow you to control your involuntary movements in a dream, thereby determining the quality of your sleep. Some trackers do this automatically; for others, you must manually enter sleep mode. At the same time, the quality of your sleep is displayed quite clearly on the compiled graphs in the application. You can also find trackers with vibration alert, which is designed to wake you up at the most suitable moment in time (at the right phase of sleep). Fitness bracelet with smart alarm


To make it even easier for you to monitor your progress, some trackers can upload data to a tablet, smartphone or laptop through a special application downloaded on them. You will find trackers that use Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection to transmit information, and some models connect to synced devices via a USB cable. After the information is downloaded to the fitness device, applications can analyze your results, offering individual workout plans, the ability to share statistics with friends and much more. Such applications are created for various operating systems. In order for the application to have a more complete picture of your habits, you can also enter information about what you ate, how many glasses of water you drunk,

Each tracker model comes complete with its own application. This application collects all your data in one place, which allows you to quickly and easily analyze the results and adjust the training plan (if necessary). Various trackers are also synchronized with third-party fitness applications that you can already use: RunKeeper, Lose It! or MapMyFitness. Rule 2: The easier it is to track your achievements, the easier it will be for you to achieve your fitness goals.


Advanced features, such as counting calories and controlling your heart rate, provide a more complete picture of your lifestyle.


Heart rate tracking is an easy way to determine your load and stay in your target intensity zone. When performing activities for which data is not easy to record using an accelerometer or a GPS module, such as cycling or rollerblading, you may need a heart rate monitor to monitor the intensity of your load. The best heart rate monitors and watches that measure heart rate

Heart rate monitors are of various types. Some of them are designed to be worn on the wrist, others on the chest strap. The second option consists of two sensors: one is mounted on the chest strap, the other on the wrist.9In addition, this type allows you to record the number of calories you burned. If you don’t want to wear a chest belt, you can monitor the heart rate in real time from a tracker with a sensor that attaches to your finger to measure the electrical signals coming from your heart.


Tracking your speed is an equally effective way to measure your fitness goals. The tracker can use the data of the accelerometer or GPS module to calculate the rate of change of your position in space. This feature will be especially useful for a cyclist or runner who is preparing for a competition.22


In addition to tracking steps and distance traveled, wearable electronics with a GPS module can record the following information. A great option for cyclists and long distance runners, since GPS allows you to track your speed and the number of laps.

By GPS, the tracker can also determine your exact location, as well as measure the footage on the golf course. Water-resistant trackers that allow you to record heart rate and distance are designed specifically for swimmers. Big test: comparison of the best swimming trackers

twentyA great option for someone who is preparing for a triathlon competition. At the same time, do not forget that the GPS tracker uses signals from satellites, so it will not work indoors or may lose the signal in stormy weather or on the ground surrounded by tall trees and tall buildings.

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